Compliance & Ethics

Our commitment to compliance and ethics

Sun Life Health is an organization with a strong commitment to observe high standards of business compliance and personal ethics.

We are committed to creating and maintaining the highest standards; and voluntarily sought and earned Joint Commission accreditation which is the “gold standard” in quality care.

Sun Life Health is also a Federally Qualified Health Center and must maintain well defined, and high-quality measures to continue to improve and expand its mission in providing the highest quality, comprehensive healthcare to all people; and empower our communities to prioritize health and wellbeing.

Do you know the difference between compliance and ethics?

Compliance is doing things right by following all laws and regulations created by the government, accreditation agencies, programs and the like. Compliance is driven by the government.

Ethics are doing the right thing even without the law. Ethics are driven by individuals who embrace virtues of honesty, compassion, service, and loyalty.

We stand by our commitment and your rights.

Sun Life Health values your input, rights and confidentiality.  We have chosen Compliatric, a leader in third party compliance reporting to provide us with an anonymous method to hear your suggestions, concerns or reports of misconduct. The information you provide will be sent to us by Compliatric confidentially and anonymously.

We appreciate your support as Sun Life Health strives to remain an ethical and compliant organization across the board.

To make a report by phone, dial toll-free, within the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada: 888-692-6675.

Or you can file a report online using the links below