Sun Life's Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

We deliver affordable, accessible, and high quality health services, wellness and education to all people.

Vision Statement

To be a model organization helping all people achieve their healthiest lives.

During the past 41 years, Sun Life has been an integral part of providing health, wellness education and resources to the community, as well as playing an active role in improving the overall economic development of Pinal County.

In 1976, Sun Life Health (Sun Life) started with one small office in Pinal County, staffed with one full-time and one part-time physician providing 12,000 patient visits per year. Today, as a non-profit Community Health Center Sun Life serves over 47,000 patients, 30 percent of whom are children.

Born out of the Community Health Center Movement that had been sweeping the country in effort to bring accessible, high quality and culturally effective healthcare to all people. We have an unfailing concern for the well-being of our patients, as we provide the best possible experience for every person that walks through our doors. This mission is echoed most in the following quote from the late health center movement leader, Wilford A. Payne (1945-2016).

Rather than getting the community to come to us, we go to the community… because we're convinced that healthcare is more than medicine.

Sun Life Health is now Pinal county's largest provider of primary health care services providing health care to Apache Junction, Casa Grande, Coolidge, Eloy, Florence, Maricopa, Oracle and San Manuel. We have also expanded to offer Women’s health services into Maricopa county at our Center for Women location in Chandler.

We are governed by a Board of Directors representing the patients and communities served by the organization, What makes us different is our unfailing concern for the well-being of our patients, and our willingness to provide the best possible experience for every person that walks through our doors.

Sun Life Health is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (Joint Commission / JCAHO), considered to be the "gold standard" for quality in health care. Joint Commission accreditation is voluntary, and means undergoing a challenging, and comprehensive evaluation.

Sun Life continues to make significant efforts to review and improve the key factors that can affect the quality and safety of patient care. This standard is met and maintained by only 5% of the community health centers nationally.

Sun Life’s core values guide our actions and describe how we improve the diverse
communities we serve.

We carry out our mission for the best outcome while ensuring the highest standards for our patients, our employees, and our communities.

We do what is right for the right reasons; ethics and accountability drive our actions.

We respect the human experience through sensitivity and non-judgmental acceptance of all people and their needs.

We are changing our industry's landscape by educating ourselves, patients, communities, and future healthcare professionals.

We are evolving the healthcare experience through continuous enhancement of integrated patient care models.