Keep The Giving Spirit Throughout The Year

Keep the Giving Spirit

Nonprofit Organizations Are Everywhere! Almost every cause or charity you can think of has a nonprofit organization that you can support and donate money to. But, you may be thinking, “I work hard for my money, why should I give it away!” Although on the surface this seems like a valid point, there are benefits in donating to a nonprofit organization. Not only does it feel good but you may also be able to receive a tax reduction.

So How Do You Choose A Nonprofit To Support?

First and foremost, choose a specific cause that you feel is important and are passionate about. Whatever the cause, by donating to a nonprofit organization, you are directly helping produce a remedy for a problematic issue at hand by giving monetary support.

Plus it feels good, there’s no doubt about it, “dang it feels good to help others and donate to a nonprofit organization.” Don’t keep that good feeling a secret. Let your friends and family know that they too can feel good by donating to a charity that matters to them.

Plus You Might Get A Tax Deduction

Depending on the size of your donation and the type of nonprofit you choose you may even get a reduction on your income taxes. If you are considering donating to a charity, do some research before you give. You can check out sites like to make sure the charity you have chosen is a verified nonprofit who will put your donation to good use.

So How About Choosing Sun Life Health?

Sun Life Health is asking you to support your local community health center. In the past year, the organization served 46,578 individuals, many of whom would have no access to care if it were not for Sun Life Health. You may be surprised to know that last year 2016, 30% of Sun Life Health’s patients cared for were children. 1,195 children were served through Sun Life Health’s Community Dental program. Sun Life Health participates in the Reach Out and Read program, our pediatricians give a book to each young pediatric patient at his or her well-child visit. In addition, in 2016 through Sun Life Health’s dedication to wellness and education we provided 3,344 people with diabetic education classes. This year 2017, marks Sun Life Health’s 4th annual Crucial Catch free breast cancer screening event in partnership the American Cancer Society and the National Football League.

What many people do not know about Sun Life Health is that in addition to primary care services, Sun Life Health also offers Integrated Clinical Pharmacy as well as, Integrated Behavioral Health Services that provides care and treatment for an average of 18 patients daily for anxiety, depression, and PTSD. In addition to these services throughout our 13 locations, Sun Life Health continues to offer patient assistance programs.

In 2016, 58% of donations came directly from Sun Life Health’s very own staff. This is testament that at Sun Life Health, our staff truly abides by and believes in our mission to provide high quality health services, wellness and education to all people.

We are asking for your support and generosity in helping us make a difference in your community. We want to do so much more. Your donation can help Sun Life Health make a big difference.

If you are interested in donating to Sun Life Health, contact Sam Reinhard, Director of Community Outreach by email at or call for more information (520)350-7551.

Please Consider A Donation To Sun Life Health

Keep The Giving Spirit Throughout The Year

By: Andrew H. Jones – Community Relations Coordinator