Matthew Bertsch

Matthew Bertsch, PharmD

Director of Education

I have a personal passion for program creation, integrated care, and education.”

Education & Fellowships

2012 Doctor of Pharmacy Degree

University of Arizona College of Pharmacy

Matthew Bertsch, PharmD, is the Director of Education for Sun Life Health in Pinal County, Arizona.

Matt has worked for rural areas his whole career in Pharmacy. From his time as a pharmacy technician at a local hospital to his current role as Director of Pharmacy, rural healthcare has always been a passion of his.

Matt went to K-12 in Casa Grande, AZ and took his pharmacy school prerequisites at Central Arizona College in Coolidge, AZ. Dr. Bertsch graduated from the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy in 2012 with his Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. Dr. Bertsch began with Sun Life Health as a Clinical Pharmacist in January 2013 and went on to become Director of Pharmacy in July 2015.

Matt oversees pharmacy services at Sun Life Health’s six in-house community pharmacies, operations of Sun Life Health’s clinical pharmacy program, and medication management and distribution throughout Sun Life Health’s 13 practice sites. Dr. Bertsch also oversees the organization’s Diabetes Self-Management Education Program and the Chronic Care Management Program. He assists in the oversight of clinical integration of ancillary services. Dr. Bertsch serves as the Residency Program Director (RPD) for Sun Life Health’s Community Pharmacy Residency Program, which is now accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). He also serves as a pharmacy preceptor for the University of Arizona and Midwestern University-Glendale and remains active as a guest lecturer for Quality Improvement at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy.