Timothy Haines

Timothy Haines

Behavioral Health

Education & Fellowships

Masters in Psychology


  • M.A., LPC

Mr. Haines has been a behavioral health worker for more than 30 years. During his career, he has worked as a Case Manager, Residential Counselor, Outpatient Therapist, Program Manager, Clinical Director, and Chief Clinical Officer.  His most recent role was working as a Clinical Director for a large clinic in Maricopa County. Even when working in more administrative positions, he has always seen patients.

Mr. Haines has worked primarily with adolescents and adults. He enjoys both individual and group work.  He is a proponent of integrated health as an approach to overcome care fragmentations and improving patient’s care experiences and outcomes. He is happy to be in his new role as a Behavioral Health Consultant with Sun Life Family Health.

Mr. Haines’s father was a Physician and he knew early on that he wanted to work in a helping profession like his father. The behavioral health field has been very enjoyable for him.

When not working, Mr. Haines enjoys the outdoors, movies, gardening, and tinkering around the house. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and family.